Tuesday, October 13, 2009

White Collar Time: Secret Forts + Hamilton 1883.

A few months back, Stephen Watson, formerly of Men's Vogue, got in touch about coming in and posing for a few photos for Hamilton's new 1883 Ready to Wear line. After filling me in on the concept, photos by Hanuk, an line up of the usual suspects, I was in. Not bad company to be counted among. And as fellow Hamilton man Max mentions in his post at All Plaidout, indeed a bit humbling to be labeled "tastemaker".
A full range of fits and fabrics, the 1883 line is a logical and timely extension to the already 125 year old family operation.
Click over to Hamilton 1883 to take a look.
Many thanks to Stephen Watson and everyone at Hamilton for running with the concept, and Hanuk for making us all look half way presentable.


L.A.S said...

I respect Hamilton for giving credit where credit is due. You guys truly have an impact and the best part is how humble you guys are about it. It also helps that these shirts look amazing. First Gant, now Hamilton...who's dipping into the archive next...

L.L Bean Signature in March 2010?

james said...

I'll be convening with many of the featured Hamilton men at the launch for LL Bean Signature. I'll surely have something to report back on the direction Alex is taking it. Stay tuned.
And thanks for comment. Was a real honor to take part.


L.A.S said...

I wish I could head to the Lobster and Lager Bean event with you guys...living in Charlotte, NC has it's downfall, but I was honored to even be invited. I can't wait to read what you guys think of the stuff...I'm expecting big things from Alex.

A said...

the shirts look good, had never heard of the brand before, but now i am seriously considering the red oxford, can never have too many oxford cloth button downs

A TIME TO GET said...

Brilliant. Hamilton got the right people involved but were only able to do so because they turn out a good product.