Saturday, October 17, 2009

Out & About: LL Bean Signature Launch.

I attended the LL Bean Signature launch this past week.
Met up with Max, of All Plaidout fame, before hand and hoofed it over to 36th st. Had the great pleasure of seeing some familiar faces as well as meeting a good bunch of people, many of whom, I've been emailing with over the past while, so it felt as if we were all old friends. Lobster rolls and Lager were in abundance. As were plaid and tweed.
You can click over to GQ for a better summation than I can provide here.
Once the crowd thinned and the brooms came out, the party migrated to the Ace Hotel.
At this point, I evidently decided to only occasionally use a flash. Maybe I was thinking about getting very "atmospheric" shots? Someone, at some point, asked me "what are you taking pictures of?" There was more drinking at this point.
Once ready to disembark, somehow we ended up befriending a man at the front desk looking for somewhere to get a burger.
It was suggested he come with us, that we'd take cabs to Corner Bistro, that we'd find what it was he was looking for there.
That man was Trevor Gulliver, co-owner and partner in St. John Restaurant, the epicenter to the nose to tail eating movement, pioneered and continually developed by chef Fergus Henderson.

The two were in town to do some cooking at the Breslin.
We spent a few hours at Corner Bistro, eating, drinking, bullshitting, some of us "napping"(you know who you are.)
Walked/stumbled out at 4:30 or so. A price I paid for the duration of the following day.
Had a blast, met some great people, and when I asked Trevor what the secret is, what words of wisdom he might impart, he answered tersely, "patience".

*bluchers in honor if the event

*Some of the Spring looks presented


LPC said...

So now those hotel stairs have me singing "Nuh Woman Nuh Cry." Damn.

L.A.S said...

I've been looking forward to this line (and post) for a long time. What did you think of the clothes? Would you buy any of the pieces? Were prices mentioned? Did you get any free swag (seems as if they gave out totes)? That is all. Thanks Secret Forts!

Now You Know said...

hate to break the news but have you had the burger at tavern on jane? its remarkably better...and less dudes.

as for st. john...probably the biggest disappointment food-wise in my book...i dont understand why people want to eat donkey uterus.

Ulysses said...

While the LL Bean Signature may be all the news. Can we please have a moment of blessing for dear old Fergus Henderson coming out (with Parkinsons and all) and bringing his culinary expertise to New York.

Went to the brunch today, and had the honor of sitting next to him, David Chang, and Friedman. I ordered everything Henderson had to offer. Plus a few of the Breslin's dishes. They may have the past lox bagel in New York. Looking forward to the real opening.

Lone live Fergus Stock

Anonymous said...

Nice. LL Bean might be one of my favorite brands. I can't wait for this.

Foster Huntington said...

that night was a blast.

Bertie said...

Nice jacket… from?

thelastlaugh said...

How does one get invited to an event like this? Restless Transplant and Secret Forts... Was it full of bloggers? Did you guys get invitations? I can't wait for this: L.L. Bean is basically all I've ever worn- my whole family did all their Christmas shopping straight from the Bean catalogs growing up.
Having just purchased my first piece of Rogues Gallery (the plaid signature shirt) within a week of my latest Bean flannel, I have to say that while I love Bean, the fit of the RG stuff is so much better (i don't look 45 anymore).
Anyway- sweet post.

james said...

Bertie, which jacket do you refer to.
Emil wears a Jacket from Folk.
Max's is vintage and mine is from FSC.
Thanks for visiting Secret Forts.

james said...

@thelastlaugh, Foster has an inside track. Myself, I was somewhat surprised to get the invite.
Grew up in bean myself. Was a great pleasure getting a chance to see the next chapter for the brand.
Thanks for visiting Secret Forts.