Tuesday, October 27, 2009

From the Desk of: Shelter Studio, NYC.

On the lower end of Crosby, one of my favorite blocks in the city, next to BDDW and a stones throw from Ted Muehling, Kim Ficaro(full disclosure, my wife and certainly my better half) and Christine Rudolph, share a studio together called Shelter Studio, NYC. In addition to prop styling, which they both do (together when the projects allows for it) with such effortlessness and beauty, Shelter provides interior consulting including both residential and commercial, set design and creative and identity development.
Shelter is home to their various collections, their inspirations and the things they love, collections of good things. They share a passion for color and texture and bring with them to every new endeavor, an artist’s sense of color, eye for detail, and curiosity for the undocumented and undiscovered. Each have a very individual and purely personal style, finding
inspiration in the smallest details or an indescribable impression. They see the world as the work place, often working abroad. Both self described "research junkies", they love the challenge and excitement of finding the uncommon object in each new location.
Have a look around their Shelter and maybe find some inspiration of your own.

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Michael said...

Please excuse a kind-of longtime reader as he gushes for a moment.

This will sound really stoned, and it is, but I just truly appreciated for the first time how very beautifully you write.