Tuesday, October 27, 2009

Song of the Open Road: One Trip Pass, Stars & Stripes.

It was suggested to me that Jay Carroll and I meet because we may be long lost brothers.
This was some time ago, before he and Ned Martel brought One Trip Pass to Billy Reid's on Bond st.
If we are brethren, he is the far luckier and infinitely more adventure-bound than I. Having just recently completed another epic crossing of this great land, he's set up shop in Levi's flagship store in San Francisco(for a great read on the city by the bay's seedy history, pick up "The Barbary Coast" by Herbert Asbury). One Trip Pass: Stars and Stripes is the result. As Jay explains: "basically levis sent me on this trip to find great shit based on the theme "stars and stripes"
reinterpreting their go forth/pioneers campaign through my trip i looked for ways in which different american cultures use the design of the flag to express themselves
also brought a friend of mine(Nate Bressler) to photograph kids wearing levis that we found along the way
we went dirt bike racing in backwoods Alabama, went waterskiing in backwoods Louisiana, hung out in Marfa and jumped around Chinati, made friends with rodeo queens on rt 66 in Kingman Arizona and tore up the dirt in Joshua Tree National Park.
in the shop we have a bunch of books, artwork, vintage gear, vintage flags, 501s, one off paperweights with archival levis art, feild notes, pendelton blankets, stormy kromer hats, audubon bird callers, and a bunch of other little mercantile items."

Enough said.
Stars and Stripes: One Trip Pass for Levi’s San Francisco, now through the holidays at the Union Square store, 300 Post Street, San Francisco, Calif.

ps. Stay tuned for THIS, coming soon.


A said...

America, fuck yeah!

Los said...

This exhibit is awesome. I was at the opening in mid-October. So much cool stuff there. I actually have a photograph in the exhibit. Check out my blog about it at: