Thursday, October 29, 2009

These Just In: Alden + Winn Perry Longwings.

Spotted these Alden Longwings at Winn Perry. A subtle take on the shoe, Winn Perry has made a slight tweak in the sole to combat Portland's famously rainy climate. Described as such, "Done simply in walnut brown calfskin this shoe is about as under the radar as beautifully constructed shoes come. But if it aint broke, don’t fix it. So we only made one very subtle change that will benefit us Portland folk immensely. The main difference we made to these was in the sole. Instead of the standard double leather sole, we used an oiled version, called a "Double Waterloc" that will resist the harmful effects of Portland’s wet climate. The heavily oiled sole is a stacked version of the soles used in the construction of Alden’s flex welt system. In this case however, the oil keeps water from penetrating the sole and helps to increase their lifespan dramatically on Portland’s soggy grounds."
Well played sirs.


Speedmaster said...

Beautiful! Those are classics.

Foster Huntington said...

damn those look good, i am going to have to check them out next time i am in my home town!