Monday, November 15, 2010

Field Report: C'H'C'M' / Bond st. / NYC.

There's a pattern emerging. Think UNIONMADE, Wharf, Inventory Stockroom. Good people setting up shop who care about the products they sell. Now add to this list Sweetu Patel's very recently opened C'H'C'M' Shop at 2 Bond st.
Having an already well-established, highly regarded online shop for sometime now, Sweetu's made the leap and landed on Bond. It's been a labor of love, doing much of the work himself and furnishing the shop with his own pieces, and the effort has paid off. Somewhat hiding in plain sight, it's located a few steps below street level, a perfectly situated shop space for C'H'C'M'.
I stopped in on Saturday, having missed the opening party(I'm told Four Loko's were retrieved near the end of the event. Proof HERE). We talked for a while, I was offered a beer while I shot photos. It's the kind of shop Sweetu's always wanted to open. A place in which people stop in, chat, share some laughs and maybe buy something. The space is open, white surfaces against exposed brick and mortar of the foundation walls, clean lines, uncluttered and stocked with the same great lines Sweetu's focused on since C'H'C'M's inception online.
Gloverall, Mackintosh(the hooded Farndon jacket is a stand out), Sunny Sports, Seil Marschall(the Mont Blanc boots are killer), Valstar, Levi's, Paraboot, R6 x Six Eight Seven Six, Diemme just to name a few.
It's been a longtime coming and Sweetu's had a lot of support along the way, but C'H'C'M' has the feeling of having been around for a while.
Here's to it being around for quite a while longer.
Congrats to Sweetu and if you're in the neighborhood, stop in and welcome C'H'C'M' to the neighborhood.

2 Bond st.(b/w Broadway & Lafayette)
Closed Mondays


jason@antikmodern said...

I picked up on C'H'C'M' after seeing a link for them on Inventory - top drawer selection of labels and their new store looks spot on.
BTW, as someone with Scottish roots just thought I'd let you know Mackintosh is spelt with a 'c' between the 'a' and the 'k'.

james said...

jason, noted. Thanks. typo.

JP said...

stopped by today...super nice staff, excellent merchandising...definitely will be a regular customer.