Monday, November 29, 2010

Extra, Extra: Koji Kusakabe's Test Shot.

Jake's latest subject is his friend and the man behind Extra, Koji Kusakabe.
I've spent some time over there and had a great time one recent afternoon shooting photos and talking vintage. Jake does his thing once again, training his Canon lens on Koji, giving much deserved shine to a man who's spent much of his life quietly going about his business, persuing his passion for Americana; combing through second hand shops and used clothing stores across the US since before, perhaps, you were born(I don't know how old you are).

Respect to Koji and Jake for yet another dope Test Shot.


JP said...

such a nice dude.

Adrian said...

I like that. He lets the clothes do the talking for him.

Anonymous said...

What is this idiot Jake Davis taking test shots FOR and why are we supposed to care? And why is that everyone in these shots move so slowly?! Oh...that's slo-mo. How creative and moody! Douche. Love the blog!!!!

Anonymous said...

wow. that was a minute of my life I'll never get back.