Thursday, November 4, 2010

The Fall Three: Matt Hranek, The William Brown Project.

Matt Hranek is a photographer, outdoorsman, and the man behind the wonderful William Brown Project where, on any given day, you might find a post on some of his recent vintage finds(as of late, for sale at the Brooklyn Flea) or a post on dispatching a pig. One such recent post on the Ocean Reef Club in Key Largo struck a particular chord as I grew up visiting my great aunt there, she and her a husband members since its creation. Matt was kind enough to indulge my request. This is Matt Hranek's Fall Three.
Three things I look forward to in fall: (in no specific order)
1. duck hunting (with a good dog)

2. long days in the woods (with or without whitetails)

3. slow braises and roasts

Thanks to Matt for taking part.


Isaac Buie said...

I love Matt's work on WBP. Who doesn't love a day in the woods? Great post.

louise and nivaldo de lima said...

Great blog!