Monday, November 8, 2010

Apocalypse Tomorrow: Apolis Vietnam Expedition Film Release.

In the name of walking the walk, good buddy Raan Parton of Apolis spent a few weeks last month motorcycling through the cities and country sides of Vietnam. The expedition presented a prime opportunity to field test some of the latest Apolis gear including the super awesome Expedition Duffle, their waxed canvas anorak and the Patagonia for Apolis rain slicker. And if you kept tabs on their travels, you'll know that the afore mentioned came in quite useful along the way.(See below photo)With cinematographer Dave Christenson along for the ride, the boys documented days and days of what must have been the trip of a life time. And after cutting through hour upon hour of shot footage, they've a final edit, a teaser for which you can watch below.
If you're in the neighborhood, they'll be previewing the film at American Rag Cie's Newport Beach location tomorrow(Nov. 9th). And if you make it to the event, give those guys a bear hug for me.

Film + Event: Expedition Preview & Nov. 9th Event from Apolis on Vimeo.


AJL said...

I just watched an episode of the BBC's Top Gear where Jeremy, James and Hammond did the same thing on 3 well-worn used scooters. They rode all the way from SAigon to Hanoi, and it rained ALOT...Not sure if you've had the pleasure of wearing oiled/waxed cotton in several days of a torrential downpour, you dont get wet. But you sure's heck are damp the WHOLE time...but i still love rocking the old tech.
I've only heard great things about Viecnam. I'll try and drop you the episode info

Adam said...

The Apolis guys are the real deal; I love the idea of field testing products to show what they are really made of! Having spent most of the last year living in Cambodia, I think most of us in the USA vastly underestimate how intense an experience like this can be. As I born and bred Oregonian, I thought I knew rain, but there's nothin' else like a SE Asian Monsoon.