Friday, September 17, 2010

Motorcycle Diaries: Apolis Vietnam Expedition.

Seems as if there's wanderlust in the air. In the spirit of travel and adventure, Global Citizen Raan Parton, of Apolis, is heading out on what sounds like one hell of an epic field trip(next time, fellas).
Motorcycling through the Vietnamese country side on old Russian Minsk bikes, Raan will be working on some product development, field testing some recently released Apolis Transit Issue gear(the Expedition Duffel being a standout and perfect carry-all for such a trip), documenting the modern face of Vietnam and, along the way, having a hell of a time.
According to the brothers Parton, "
we will be field testing an assortment of our autumn collection and putting the finishing touches on two upcoming items for our Transit Issue category. The journey will document modern Vietnam, including Vietnamese cottage and commercial industries and cultural landmarks, as well as the country’s inhabitants. This trip will be regularly broadcasted on the Apolis journal, and upon return, we will be releasing a film to showcase the entirety of the journey."
Have a look at what Raan's packing, and stay tuned to both Secret Forts and The Apolis Journal for continuing dispatches from Vietnam.


Christian said...

Sounds like an amazing trip. Nice to see a company putting their own goods to test.

Looking forward to lots of photos.

Anonymous said...

Could you please tell me what make the diary and pen are? (2 above)

Josh Bolton said...

Does one not wear underwear in Vietnam?

Southern Man said...

Interesting duffel ... I bought one very similar to that at a thrift store not long ago... Mine is gray heavy canvas duck with leather straps / harnesses that are very similar... but my duffel has USN stenciled inside.... My guess is that it is/was a US Navy Vietnam era duffel bag issued to some variety of officer.. but I am not sure... I wonder does anyone else know more ??

Imperial Black said...

This is going to be an unbelievable trip. Where is the best place to find up to date trip reports? Gear looks smashing as well. I can pack my side bags in 20 min. Room for one more?

Anonymous said...

anyone know what boots these are / he is wearing?