Wednesday, September 15, 2010

On the Road Again: One Trip Pass + Ace Hotel.

Good buds Jou-Yie and Jay Carroll, of the Ace Hotel and One Trip Pass respectively, have struck out onto the open roads of this great nation in a Chevy pick up with Airstream in tow. Their mission; driving from Portland, OR to Los Angeles, CA, to "rediscover American craft and standards, humor, kitsch, oddities, and the beauty of storytelling through artists, craftsman, individuals of character, stores, markets, wilderness and urban sprawl." With no real set agenda, they'll be stopping wherever looks interesting and visiting some totally rad people along the way, the entire endeavor culminating in a pop-up at Cleveland Art in LA next week.
Keep up with their adventures at both One Trip Pass and Ace Hotel's blog.
And godspeed gents.(photo credit: Nate Bressler)

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Robert Duhon said... the dream......can't wait to share the journey.