Friday, September 10, 2010

The Fall Three: Max Wastler, All Plaidout.

With Fall beginning to take hold, I've enlisted a number of comrades to give me three things, whatever they may be, that they're stoked on for Fall. It's Fall stoke. And you can't fight the stoke. It's The Fall Three.
First up in the series, and very appropriately, is one of the first guys I met after doing Secret Forts for a little while; Max Wastler of the ever-popular All Plaidout. Truly an all around great guy and great friend, he and I met through mutual friends while previewing Apolis Activism's A/W09 Collection back in February of '09. He was the only guy in the room who could tie a bow tie. I found that quite impressive.
Max always has an unique, fresh and unexpected perspective and with All Plaidout, continues to be a singular voice among the din. With pleasure, I present Max Wastler's Fall Three.

1)Alden Indy Boots & Solmate Socks: I recently treated myself to an early birthday present, and so far, I couldn't be more pleased. They are surprisingly comfortable. These boots, like the tassel mocs before them, will become a trademark of mine. I've wanted them since learning from a friend's dad when I was ten or eleven years old that they were Harrison Ford's work boot of choice. Finally having them on my feet, I feel like a kid again. I remember yearning for three years, scrimping and saving money earned from doing chores before finally being able to afford a pair of Jordans. It feels a bit like that.
2)Northern Grade - Over the course of this summer, I had the opportunity to meet many of the folks that will be in attendance this weekend. Looking forward to catching up with old friends and making some new ones. If you're anywhere near the Twin Cities this Saturday, head to Northern Grade. It's sure to be a good time.

3)S'mores - Had the first one of the fall over the weekend. A warm treat on a chilly night in Iowa. Hoping to destroy a few bars of Mast Brothers Dark Chocolate, Salt & Pepper. Trying to convince Blake Royer of The Paupered Chef to create worthy mallow and graham recipes for the kings of the chocolate bar.

*Be sure to stay tuned over the next month or so for the stoke to continue with The Fall Three series.Thanks to Max for taking part and being first up to bat.


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Anonymous said...

I think the Indy boots are great, except for the contrasting white stitching. Can someone more knowledgable than me explain the rationale behind white thread on boots?

Speedmaster said...

Love those Indy boots! Just polished mine. ;-)

avidreader said...

I thought it looked cool and wanted to see more. Looks like the "ever popular" All Plaidout hasn't been updated in over a year though. Is a secret password needed to see the currently popular pages?

james said...

avidreader, check in with his tumblr, wellplaid ( for more recent postings. He'll be back at All Plaidout soon enough.