Thursday, September 23, 2010

The Fall Three: James Fox, 10Engines.

James Fox is the man behind 10Engines. Simply put; Family/food/rural/library/transatlantic/vintage. 'Nuff said. What follows is what has James Fox stoked on Fall. It's his Fall Three.

1) A new rig. This may be stretching it as "fall"... I love my old Hayes Bros 160BDX, but it has been 8 years... the Optimistic board from YES is a directional, wood/carbon, non-jibbing crusher. No silly mustache-inspired-tech -just diamond hard finishes and a range of sizes.

2) Really digging all the homegrown projects that have sprung up, can't wait to see what is next: Lesli and Tom at Archival Clothing, MW/ACL, The Run Of The Mill Guys and their McNairy / Bastian fascination (ha), Kaufmann Mercantile, Tinder, Oliver Jeffers & Co., Hickoree's, and others.

3)Peru Fair pig roast, Sept 25th (well, night of 24th and up all night till noon on the 25th), Peru, VT. The night shift by the Peru Fire Dept for this pig roast is pretty much legend. They took a few years break but back again this year. Chili and cold beverages start the night and the pie guy arrives at 2am. Pig all gone by 2pm on the 25th.


Back at ya, James and thanks pal. (See you at Bromley? Stratton?)


james at 10engines said...

Name in lights time... If anyone in reach of southern VT this saturday, the fair ( is a good mellow time.

Thx for the chance JW.

D said...

cheers for the kind mention, much obliged, Mr Fox!...currently in Scotland where duty calls for a spot of archaeology fieldwork...somewhat incommunicado, tho' handy 'rocket stick' for wee peeks into webworld...likewise v pleased to be mentioned herewith much admired Secret Forts...!
kind regards from the Tinder folks!

doane said...

If only this post would have included Nick from A Time To Get. I could have killed three birds with one stone this morning.