Friday, April 23, 2010


I've enjoyed reading the Q&A series over at FREE/MAN for a while. It's a good site and run by a good dude. So when Darian asked if I was game for it, I said "fire away". The result is up today for your end of the week reading enjoyment. Bookmark FREE/MAN if you haven't already...CLICK HERE to go to the Q&A. Thanks to Darian for letting me take part.
*(I just noticed I'm # 13 in the series, which coincidentally is inked on my neck. Go figure.)


Unknown said...

Great interview on a great blog!

Darian Hocking said...

The fact that you were No 13 and have the same tattoo is weird, and not, all at the same time.
Thanks for the kind words James. Good things are brewing.

Anonymous said...

what chambray do you have on in that interview photo?

james said...

Engineered Garments