Thursday, April 1, 2010

Everybody's Work is Equally Important: Levis Fall10 Preview.

Wednesday night, I hiked west across town, back to the same spot where LL Bean Signature first previewed, for a look at the latest offerings from Levis designers Carl Chiara and Janine Chilton-Faust. I met Carl back in November in San Fran, when I paid Unionmade a visit on opening day and was happy to get a chance to catch up a bit, have a look at Fall10, and congratulate him and Janine on work well done.
Having basically invented the blue jean as we know it today, Levis works both the tried and true while giving it a few new turns. Overall, good looking stuff. Boyfriend dressing is still in full effect for the ladies. For men, well layered, work & outdoors inspired pieces and, of course, denim in a variety of washes and colors.
Had the chance to see some folks I hadn't in some time while having a few beers in preparation for my hike back east toward Brooklyn.
Good times. Good People. Now, Go Forth (to the rest of the post).

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