Monday, April 5, 2010

Epic Field Trip pt. II: Apolis Profiles, NYC.

When Shea Parton emailed and asked me to lend a hand on a couple of profiles he was coming into NYC to shoot, I accepted without hesitating. If for no other reason than the Parton brothers are some of the absolute greatest guys you're bound to cross paths with.
Then factor into the equation that a)Apolis makes clothing that you want to wear all the time b)do it in a way that creates real and tangible hope and opportunities for developing economies around the world and c)did I mention they're some genuinely great guys.
Our day started early in Jersey City at the home of Citta International's Executive Director, Michael Daube. From there, into the city to shoot on the streets of Soho and NoLita. Then to where Michael takes meetings, his good friend David Byrne's studio. A roving pack of gorilla film makers(*trying to grab shots at a cafe on Mott, we were almost shut down until Shea got on the phone) and activists

Was a day well spent and with great peo

ple involved. Huge thanks to Shea for making it happen and getting me involved.And thanks to Michael for allowing us to tag along for the day.
I am also sure that by now, you've seen that Apolis has re-launched a super clean, awesome new home on the world wide web. Click over and have a look. Poke aroun
d for a minute and you may run into yours truly.


Unknown said...

Nice shots! What's that blazer you're wearing, James? Looks sharp.

james said...

although I wish I could say that that handsome devil in the photos is me, it's Shea Parton, a third of the awesome triumvirate that is Apolis and that's a Fall sample piece that is just so so good I wanted to steal it off Shea's back.

Unknown said...

well, thanks for the fall tip, then! mr. parton and yourself are not dissimilar in appearance.

Daniel said...

The Parton brothers are indeed some of the nicest dudes you'll come across.

we could grow up 2gether said...

from the photos to the video to what these guys do in life ... ASPIRATIONAL!