Wednesday, April 7, 2010

On the Subject of: Things in Which to Carry Other Things.

A friend emailed me saying he was heading to Madison, WI to shoot the Black Lips. He'd be there only 24 hours and was wondering if I knew anything about Madison; where to stay, what to do...That's when I first, directed him to the dirty dozen I did sometime ago with Madison's own Ryan Huber and second, got in touch directly to see what was shakin' with him and if he had anything more to add. He immediately shot back an email that would make the best concierge hang up their hat.
Getting over my jealousy that my friend would make a visit to Madison and it's stylish center of gravity, Context, I forwarded it along.
In a "one good turn..." way of things(or something along those lines), I was hand delivered, upon my friend's return, a little souvenir from the Badger state's capital city.
Beautifully vegetable tanned 5 oz. leather and handmade in Wisconsin, Kenton Sorenson is heirloom quality leather work that's gonna get better looking with each year.
A huge thanks to Ryan and Sam.


Unknown said...

I would love to see a wear and tear on this item. Keep us posted.

Shawn Colley said...

Great pcs. Context is a great men's shop here in Madison. Carry the right brands and the best pcs from those brands.

Unknown said...

James, enjoy the Kenton piece. Your pics are great. A Madison visit is in order. Farmer's market is starting up soon. Lets make it happen. /ryan