Friday, January 22, 2010

Head to Toe: From the Closet of Secret Forts.

Thought I'd do something a little different and pull together a look from my closet. What I wear and carry and what it all goes in.

*Ebbets Field Flannels Los Angeles Angels Cap
*Canon SD780
*Postalco note book, Parker Jotter, Pentel o.7mm drafting pencil
*Hill-side plum violet chambray hankerchief
*Moscot Lemtosh
*Case Sod Buster jr.
*Timex w/ Nato Band
*Keys to the studio w/ Swiss Army Classic SD on hand made key lanyard
*Apolis Activism + Filson Philanthropist briefcase
*Scarf made from a length of cut & washed Belgian linen from Libeco
*F.S.C. Waxwear parka w/ wool lining & hand made leather togels(yep, I made 'em)
*J.Crew marled wool & leather gloves(washed a few times)
*Woolrich Woolen Mills wool Maine Guide Jacket
*John Weitz Union Stamped oxford (Nashville thrift store find)
*Leather Man Ltd. Trace Carrier belt
*3Sixteen SL-100 raw selvedge jeans
*J.Crew Vermont-made Camp Socks
*Generic Man Suede Chukkas


L.A.S said...

Finally another blogger who is not afraid to use a point and shoot. That's all I'm qualified to use as well.

The parka is awesome and your hand made leather toggles are boss.

The generic man chukkas were on Gilt last week and I passed them up. Your pics > the product shots and have me regretting my decision.

Awesome stuff James.

Junctioned said...

Love it. I always love to get a peek at what cat's are actually rollin' with day to day.I think many times it's more inspiring than all the wishlist stuff we throw up on our blogs. Thanks.

Anonymous said...

You're ready for anything with that lot! Nice post, a great insight into your tastes.
Particularly fond of the bag.

P.M said...

Woah dude. Exactly the same camera, and coat. Love that F.S.C parker... I'd been wanting to post something on it since I bought it a few months ago, but could find nothing online. Which makes it even better.

Different Filson in the mix, trade the Woolrich for an EG number, and aside for the glasses, we'd be comically matching stood side-by-side on a subway platform!

Nice gloves too.

Awesome post.

Anonymous said...

What are the NYC 'knife carrying' laws. I have a personalized leatherman, given as a groomsman gift. Will I end up in the joint if I take it on the subway?

Don Guss said...

I most be the only person that doesn't understand the whole Hill-Side fascination. I mean, just because it's selvedge cotton doesn't make it good, right?

Keep up the good work, brother!

P.M said...

Don... I feel you on that.

Ulysses said...

Brother, that attire if entirely too warm for the winter we have been having in New York. Also, how can you be an advocate of those J Crew camp socks? They have a horrible elasticity to them, and a habit of falling down.

Anonymous said...

Dear James,

how about a used/issued G10 from CWC
(look on the British ebay) and a Nato-strap
from the best manufacturer, ?

cheerio, dr.gailleton

james said...

@dr. gailleton, sure. Let me know if you need my mailing address.
@Ulysses, the layering is quite okay, but thanks for your concern. True enough re: the camp socks.

Brian Lagerstrom said...

I am just wondering, (as politely as I can) who can afford all this stuff? I love everything I have seen on this site but I most of the stuff is way out of a brothers price range.

Anonymous said...

Try LL Bean merino wool socks - absolutely indestructable, warm and inexpensive. I believe two pairs for $17...


Anonymous said...

hi james,

just send you an email regarding details.

cheerio, dr.gailleton

Anonymous said...

I had to run out and buy one of those Parker pens...gorgeous.

Arjan said...

I regret not picking up that F.S.C piece.

Unknown said...

How's the fit on your EFF cap? Unstructured?