Wednesday, January 6, 2010

Literary Heroes: Robert Bingham, 1966-1999.

There is a handful of books that, for me, have been seminal to my general disposition in life, written by authors that I've felt akin to in some way or another.
Robert Bingham's "Pure Slaughter Value" and "Lightning on the Sun" are two such books, and Bingham, such an author. From Kentucky. Founding Editor of Open City Books. Two year stint as reporter for the Cambodia Daily.
If you haven't, pick them up.
Charlie Rose talks with Vanessa Chase, Bingham's wife, Thomas Beller from Open City and his editor at Doubleday, Gerald Howe.


teabiscuit said...

One of my friends is good friends with his wife (now widow). Talk about having everything to live for.
By all accounts a very talented and generous guy (also a fine tennis player).

Anonymous said...

I can't recommend his books enough. Pure Slaughter Value is fantastic. Sadly both are out of print and, as such, somewhat difficult to find. He was also tight with Stephen Malkmus and Pavement - Malk wrote a song about him called "Church on White". I'd have loved to read what he might have written had his life not been cut short.


Anonymous said...

I remain a fan of Robert Bingham to this day. It was so great to see a tribute to him online from as recently as this year - a few times a year I'll check if anything new about him is out there, and this was fantastic to see. Thanks.