Thursday, January 7, 2010

On the Subject of: The Tracking Shot.

Two more I omitted. Thanks to Chad at Rogues Gallery and fellow cinephile Jake Davis for "The Shining" and "The Player" tips, respectively.

And although not a continuous tracking shot, a bad ass scene from Kubrick's "Paths of Glory"(1957)


james at 10engines said...

what, no Tom Yun Goon...! insane fight scene. also the wartorn tracking shot towards end of Children of Men is bananas. great segment James.


tons of land said...

the one from Atonement has always been one of my favorites. can't find the clip but here's some background:

Anonymous said...

Dont forget the opening of "A Touch of Evil", another classic tacking shot

Anonymous said...

tracking shot from satantango, bela tarr movie is sick