Tuesday, January 26, 2010

On the Subject of: American Outsider, William S Burroughs.

Junky, Queer, Tornado Alley, Naked Lunch, etc. Often cited fellow Missourian Jack Black's You Can't Win among his own strong influences.
1914-1997. Harvard Grad. Looked old even when young. Wore suits prolifically. Fire arm enthusiast. Lush Roller. Beat. Tried the William Tell stunt with fatal results. Writer of astounding works.
Click HERE for much more on the life and work of W.S. Burroughs.


b said...

Always a favorite. Maybe a little too out there for some, but I highly recommend his audio experiments on the Real English Tea Made Here set. the Giorno Poetry Systems box is also a great document too with an amazing photo of WSB in his casket and a list of everything he was burried with.

Anonymous said...

Adore Burroughs, and you pulled some great shots. Really hope the small slice of lumber-prep douchebags that read secretforts don't jump on the bandwagon all of a sudden.