Tuesday, April 7, 2009

On the Shelf: A Tale of Two Coasts...

"Bohemian Modern" x Barbara Bestor
"Brooklyn Modern" x Diana Lind


Anonymous said...

Rizzoli rulz.

Halo Effect said...

My friend Lars has a feature in the Brooklyn Book. He said Thank God he built up his place a few years ago, when there was more money around.

t.scoop said...

nice. didn't know there was such a book in existence (bk mod) the gf has BoMo on the shelf but now it looks like she has a surprise in store. if only the rizzoli website worked properly. guess i'm gonna have to keep my eyes peeled around BK.

in the same vein, might i suggest Nor Cal Mod from Chronicle Books. Its a bit more after my own heart (nor cal) and less frilly than BoMo.


james said...

thanks for the heads up on the NorCal mod. I will check it out. And thanks for taking a look at Secret Forts.
Be well. Return often.