Monday, April 13, 2009

Guest Head to Toe: Drinkin' & Dronin'.

Up next is Brandon Capps.
He does Drinkin' & Dronin'
Stop by Billy Reid and have a bourbon with him.

*Cold Red Stripe
* "Running with the Bulls" x Valerie Hemingway
*RL cap
*Moscot Lemtosh blondes
*Buzz Rickson crew neck sweatshirt
*Gitman Vintage s/s madras
BD shirt
*Engineered Garments chambray Ghurka shorts
*Sebago Spinnakers

big thanks to Brandon.


Anonymous said...

Kid nails it. Ongoing. Will report back if things change.

P.M said...

these guest head to toes are rad... great idea to see what everyone else is feeling. Wonder how many of these are ACTUAL'S...?

One Man's Style said...

Im lovin the gitman vintage stuff!