Monday, April 20, 2009

Head to Toe: Early Spring. (a little color)

*LL Bean Vintage Field Watch
*Monocle Linen notebook
*LL Bean Heritage tote
*Still Life NYC DB Cooper straw hat
*Oliver Peoples Riley Frames
*Woolrich Woolen Mills Trail Parka
*Woolrich Woolen Mills Upland plaid shirt
*J.Crew s/s henley
*Alice Park Billfold
*Torino Surcingle belt
*Gap boxers
*Apolis Activism Utility Trouser
*RL Argyle socks
*Quoddy pebbled Bluchers.


jon said...

Great look - one day I'd like to see a picture of you actually wearing it.

despite that, what is the name of that particular style of frames - I really like 'em and I know other brands make the same style - I just don't know what to look for (needless to say I can't drop 400 right now)

Isaac Buie said...

The LL tote is SO cool...Can't wait for spring to actually set in out here in the west.

Foster Huntington said...

the bean tote is a must. they are amazing.

Michael said...


LPC said...

How High WASP is this? Except the yellow pants....

james at 10engines said...

love these head to toes. major inspiration. colonel inspiration even.