Sunday, January 16, 2011

How To: The Making of Modern Classics.


JVK said...

oh man this brings back memories for me... my dad used to work for Herman Miller way back when i was a kid. each of my siblings all have a fiberglass rocking chairs with a plaque with our names on them. i remember back in the 80's that my dad and uncles built a dune buggy and used the herman miller fiberglass chairs as seats.
I am proud to say that i was born and raised and still live in Holland/Zeeland MI. where Herman Miller is still today.

Thanks for sharing James!!

Yolker said...

Nice one.
Have you ever seen Objectified,Very nice one too. :)

designerman said...

Great post!

Pasquale said...

Is that Jimmy Giuffre laying down the soundtrack? With Jim Hall or Herb Ellis?