Friday, January 28, 2011

Head to Toe: Brooklyn Snow Days.

*Filson zipper tote
*ACL&Co. waxed canvas zipper pouches
*Timex field wristwatch
*RRL ear flap deck cap
*Ray Ban Wayfarers
*Patagonia Fitz Roy hooded jacket
*The Hill-Side blanket lining scarf
*Fox River Ragg/leather gloves
*Velva Sheen crewneck sweatshirt
*J. Crew chambray
*Cause & Effect custom engraved belt (Huge thanks Billy. F*ckin' love it, man. PS Check out my good buddy Max's recent post on his adventures in Gatlinburg)
*3Sixteen SL100 straight
*Parker Jotter + The Hill-Side natural green line selvedge handkerchief(S21-007)
*Yuketen two-tone melton wool Hunt Boots


Anonymous said...

always look forward to these posts, digging the cap and boots.

bsanti said...

i love these posts. ive been wearing a pair of 3sixteens for almost 8 months now, they wear amazingly

Glynn said...

This is a perfect snow day outfit and we are now officially obsessed with those boots. Must add to our list of stylish snow options ( immediately.



james said...

@bsanti, thanks and yes, 3Sixteens wear exceptionally well. 14 months now and going strong. eyeing the 3Sixteen+ for the coming year & 1/2.

Greg D. said...

How much you want for that scarf? - missed it from Hickorees.

james said...

Greg, NFS. But think the Corsillo's might soon be offering a similar scarf on Hickoree's. Keep an eye out for it.

cliff said...

nice kit. did you wash your filson tote? or did you buy it that way? looks great. i'm wondering about the recipe.

james said...

Cliff, I did wash it after about a year or so. Just cold, gentle cycle, little Bronner's and in the dryer or line dry.

Myles Henry Blog said...

Still kicking myself for not picking up that blanket lining scarf at the pop up flea. nice post!

Gentleman's Gazette said...

The shoes are great! Who made them?


james said...

Shoes are Yuketen.