Friday, January 7, 2011

Head to Toe: Vermont Bound.

New year, new Head to Toes. Snow from here to Manchester. Stoked. Peace out NY.
*Old Rand McNally atlas
*Ebbets Field Flannels Brooklyn Tip Tops short brim cap
*Stanley & Sons 'Fuck em' bandana
*Old RL specs
*Epperson Mountaineering backpack
*ACL & Co. waxed canvas laptop sleeve
*Canon S95
*Trusty Zippo
*Case Sod Buster jr.
*Burton 'tactical' flask
*Mucu Type RN-B notepad & Kaweco pen
*Fox River Ragg Wool+Leather gloves
*Quality Mending Co. Duffel
*F*ckin' Yahtzee!
*Dana Lee alpaca-lined waxed canvas deck jacket
*J. Crew Broadmoor vest
*Engineered Garments flannel workshirt
*Leather Man Ltd hoof pick belt
*Uniqlo jeans
*Yuketen Sport Hunt Boots


Mr Ryan said...

I always enjoy this kind of post from you sir!

james said...

much obliged Ryan.

Brian said...

How bout the gloves? Those weren't ID'd.

james said...

Brian, Fox River.

jim said...

james, where on earth did you get that dana lee jacket? I've looked everywhere since she came out with her f/w collection.

sixfive said...

PIcked up the ACL waxed laptop sleeve a few weeks ago; best thing I've bought in a while. Well worth the money.
That Dana Lee jacket is looking pretty sweet too.

TA said...

Uniqlo jean?

Anonymous said...

Just got back from VT. Sick outfit--but what about socks and thermals, headwarmth?

d'emploi said...

wow, thanks for cluing me in on the ebbets field stuff!

Sangsouvanh said...

James, I just received those Fox River gloves for Christmas and I love them. Also what are those eyeglasses in the photo above?

Alex said...

What a trendy fucking whore.

james said...

Jim, Got the deck jacket from Dana.
TA, yep, Uniqlo.
d'emploi, my pleasure.
Sangsouvanh, glasses are 20+ y/o RL frames.
Alex, at least you didn't comment anonymously. Good job.

TA said...

James, how's the quality on Uniqlo jean to you? Since you have so many big name jeans? What make you choose Uniqlo this time?

james said...

TA, I actually don't have many 'big name' jeans. I've steadily been wearing my 3Sixteen's for more than a year now. The Uniqlo's are fairly cheap, a nice weight selvedge, devoid of arcuates, made in Japan, a good slim/straight fit. All in all, not bad I guess.

tyler said...

Let us know what you find in VT.


SW said...

The "Made in Japan" Uniqlo selvedge jeans are actually pretty good. They retail here in the UK for approx £50. The denim is from Kahira mills, think LVC Japan and Lee Japan have used this mill in the past, pretty decent weight, washer/burr rivets etc and no obvious branding which I like .Paying more doesn't always guarantee quality, these definately punch above their weight.