Monday, May 9, 2011

Head to Toe : The Drug Rug.

*Obey 5 panel cap + Oakley Frogskins
*Navy Cotton Drug Rug + J. Crew chambray utility shirt + Apolis striped pocket tee
*Old singleRL jeans + vintage USN web belt
*Nike Air Max 1


Anonymous said...

slingshot? really?

these blogs have really ruined manhood.

Anonymous said...

did that jcrew utility shirt wear that way or did you buy it like that?
looks amazing! especially with the mismatched buttons and tears.
great site! great inspiration.

james said...

I've had that JCrew chambray for a few years. It's worn out beautifully and as buttons fall off, I've replaced them with whatever buttons are around.

Darren Johnston said...

You are a man of exceptional taste Mr. Wilson. Nothing like really beating your clothes in and earning that wear. THATS called style!

Hello Katey said...

Did you take the tag off of the obey hat? It seems all of the versions I'm finding online have this tag...which I'm NOT really a fan of. Shoot me an email?