Saturday, May 14, 2011

The Crown Life : Big Boi.

I have to hand it to my oldest pals over at Greenpoint Pictures for putting this together. Director Michael Kuhn and I spent the summer of '94 in Cincinnati absolutely wearing out the SouthernPlayalistic cassette. All these years later, he's spending weeks at a time up close and personal with Big Boi and the results look to be rather interesting.


enzo the baker said...

94 was portishead's dummy and biggie's ready to die.

didn't get into outkast until, aquemini

i let my tape rock, 'til my tape popped.

amazing that big boi is still doing it.

ACL said...

Great video. I'd like to see the full film.

Player's Ball was the shit for me too. I just got my license that year and got a brand new 1994 hunter green Ford Explorer. In CLE we were 'Creepin on ah Come Up' for sure.