Thursday, February 17, 2011

This Just In : Apolis, Standard Issue, S'11.

My good friends at Apolis have let loose their Spring Standard Issue looks today and as usual, it's great stuff. Military-inspired. Utilitarian. Clean and modern. Sharp updated classics. It's a Spring collection focused on fit and fabrication with manufacturing largely kept local to the Parton's sunny(jealous) Southern California HQ.

Customary great fabric selection. Over-dyed indigos. Crisp chambray. An updated M-65, cotton sateen Field Jacket. The addition of a straight leg, 13 oz selvedge jean. Love the jail house striped chambray chore jacket. The covetable solid-as-hell waxed canvas USMC jacket is a winner and smart re-issue. A new carry-all Mason's bag with Heritage Leather Co.
As Apolis continues building on their ethos of establishing sustainable manufacturing partnerships, they're re-shaping how business gets done, calling their own shots and, in process, establishing some new (and good looking) standards. Check out the new Standard Issue looks HERE. Looks as if much is available for pre-order with expected shipping early March, just in time for Spring. (*Sidenote: This is Secret Forts post #1,5oo. So, Cheers. Huge thanks to everyone who's clicked here for the first time,
found something new to them here, day oners who keep coming back, those who have left a comment, not left a comment, been featured, emailed me, criticized me, put a hex on me, or otherwise had some hand in building this Fort. Here's to the next 1,5oo.)

images via Apolis


Courage and Progress said...

Love this entire look. Really works well.

The M65 is the best piece for me, reminds me so much of the iconic Dead Mans Shoes.


Anonymous said...

That's a pretty serious knock-off of the Hickoree's Heritage special bags. Not as customized, less detailed, and $28 more expensive.

TintedLenses said...

I bet that waxed jacket feels and looks awesome!

james said...

the USMC jacket's great. Tried it on not long ago.

Brennan said...

I don't think there's a single piece in this collection that I dislike. Looking forward to seeing it hit the shelves. Got my eye on that USMC jacket.... missing warm CA weather, as well.

thwany said...

instant classics