Thursday, February 3, 2011


Cagoule, anorak, parka, simply a hooded jacket. Call it what you will, but it's a favorite here at Secret Forts. While in the grips of an already seemingly interminable winter, it might be a good time to let your mind wander a bit. Towards Spring. Crisp mornings, cool evenings. April showers. And not a single mountain of dirty snow anywhere. You'll still need a jacket however, just not the down filled, blanket lined sleeping bag you've been trudging around in. Here, some new stand outs and some old perennial favorites.

From the top:
*Junya Watanabe Mercerized Canvas Parka
*TS(S) Coated Linen Parka
*Nigel Cabourn Rangoon Parka
*Barbour Brooke Jacket
*Patagonia First Sun Jacket
*M houndstooth Mountain Parka
*Nanamica Gore Tex Cruiser
*Barbour x Tokito Flyweight Beacon Jacket
* +J Military Parka
* +J Mountain Parka
*Outlier Storm King Parka
*Fjällräven Greenland Parka
*1939 Clothier Naval Pullover
*Engineered Garments Chambray Mac Jacket
*Haversack Pullover Rain Parka
*Garbstore Naval Crew Smock
*Garbstore Crop Mountain Parka
*Rugby Training Parka
*J. Crew Winslow Jacket
*Engineered Garments Spring Mountain Parka
*Gap Classic Anorak
*Steven Alan Rain slicker
*Woolrich Woolen Mills Windsor Poplin Carlsbad Jacket
*Nigel Cabourn Aircraft Jacket
*Vintage Woolrich Mountain Parka
*Engineered Garments Twill Field Parka


Nicolas Lazaro said...

gimme those +J's, but these are all beautiful

Anonymous said...

The J. Crew Winslow jacket looks good.

Anonymous said...


The top dark khaki with white and blue checked lining on the inside. Where can one find it?

This one;

ben said...

bit of eye candy

Anonymous said...

nice collection, real nice

Anonymous said...

problem with nyc is you only get to wear these kind of things for 2 weeks at each end of winter, then its back to baking hot summer. when i lived in the UK it was a different story these pieces are a mainstay there

Anonymous said...


The top dark khaki with white and blue checked lining on the inside. Where can one find it?

This one;"

It's by Junya Watanabe. You can find it here:

hansj said...

Great collection. Have a little collection of my own. Just bought an amazing 60/40 Alpine Designs parka from the 70's. Heavy duty, well made classic design. But when it comes down to it, the old Sierra Designs are still the gold standard, down to all the small details.

Wayne Pate said...

Nice post on one of my guilty pleasures. Managed to convince myself I needed the Junya Watanabe parka and have already put it to use here in Brooklyn. Wearing a chunky cardigan underneath will see me through the final days of a hell of a winter.

KGS said...

Awesome collection. Which one is the two toned navy/baby blue piece about 3/4 of the way down?

Anonymous said...

great post, love ther colorstory as well