Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Now Available: The Rig Out, Issue #3.

It's back. Issue number three of Oi Polloi's men's zine from across the pond, The Rig Out. Secret Forts has been lucky enough to partner up with the Rig Out boys from day one, helping to get the Rig Out out here in the states from the very first issue. With this issue, the Rig Out continues to impress. An interview with WWM brand manager Marco Bazzoni. Stories include "Future Shepherd", "Dark Rainbow" and "30 Century Man" all photographed by our man and recent collaborator, Antony Crook. "Italian Lessons" from Glenn Kitson and Mark Smith. And some other good stuff in there.
60 available through Secret Forts. An additional 40 or so will, like with the last issue, be available through Hickoree's Hard Goods.
Unlike the issues one and two, this one's gonna cost ya'. Just keep reading.
For 6USD, I'll stuff one into an envelope and get it out to you. This will be first come, first serve, so move.
It goes down like so; With "Rig Out3" as the subject, email me(secretforts@gmail.com) your full name, mailing address, I'll email you back a PayPal invoice, you pay, I get your Rig Out out. Simple as that.
Cool? Alright, let's see how this goes. A huge thanks to the Rig Out team; Andy Bird, Antony Crook, Glenn Kitson and Steve Sanderson.


Joe said...


Anonymous said...

great read, Oi Polloi never miss.


Anonymous said...

Interested in one.


Anonymous said...

hold me one friend, let's try and get together with emil/sandy or somethin. drink?

james said...

D&D, I got you. Maybe next week sometime? Let's set it up.

Rick said...

Hey Secret Forts
I haven't received an email yet. I sent mine on the 27th. Hope you got it before you sold out.


anothergloriousbattle said...

Greetings from the UK. I have been a follower of your blog for sometime now James, since being introduced through the legendary ACL blog.

Just wanting to say that I love what your doing and be sure to keep doing it.

Oi Polloi is a great store located in Manchester.

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