Friday, October 1, 2010

In the Making: Otter-Messer Factory, Solingen Germany.

Back in 'o8, I made mention of this folding knife. German-made by Otter-Messer(est. 1887), I got mine a few years back from Garrett Wade, lost it and got another. Classic design. Hand-made. Love the inlaid brass anchor. Came across this video recently, shot back in 'o7, showing some of the process involved in making this very knife.


Keith said...

Great knife! Otter-Messer also makes the Mercator K55K, which I love. Dates back to the early 1900s. Brought back by a lot of GIs after WW2. World Knives carries it and they also have the anchor knife.

james said...

keith, love that knife as well.
Check Secret Forts on Facebook for a video on the making of the Mercator K55K.

Nan said...

Can you tell the difference between the k55k made today and the ones that were made in WWII? If so, what are the differences? Thanks.