Tuesday, July 6, 2010

It's in the Wash: Imogene + Willie for J. Crew.

Things can start with a phone call. And sometimes, if you're Matt and Carrie Eddmensun, it's Mickey Drexler on the other end.
As you may have heard by now, Imogene + Willie, the denim purveyors located in my hometown of Nashville, has partnered with J. Crew to produce a very limited run of hand made and finished denim and bags.
Matt and Carrie know a thing or two about denim and are more than adept at the art of its washing and finishing. Imogene + Willie's story has its beginnings in Kentucky where Matt and Carrie worked in the family business developing new ways to give denim that perfectly lived-in look for the likes of RRL, Rogan and Levis. After unfortunately closing down, Matt and Carrie made the move to Nashville and well, the rest is still being written.
The latest chapter is the partnership with J. Crew. According to WWD, J. Crew will offer both a dark and light wash, each with varying degrees of wear, each unique from the next. The cut will be a slim straight leg based on, presumably, a classic Levis cut from the 40's. Hang tags will be letter pressed and sizing, hand stamped. There's also a revised take on the US Mail bag and a leather tote.

Matt and I get in touch every now and again and he's sent over an exclusive detailed look at the darker of the two washes to be available at J.Crew in the coming little while.

Having spent some time there, the amazing level of craft and dedication to process and getting to know Matt and Carrie for the great people they are, It's a no brainer why Mr. Drexler came a'callin'.


Unknown said...

Congrats all around! They seem like really great people.

Mitch said...

Great people and then some. Love to see the big guys use their powers for good.

MOA said...

I keep hearing about these people. FIrst from my barber and then everyone else in the industry since then.