Thursday, July 1, 2010

Head to Toe: An Out East Fourth.

Independence Day Weekend in much indigo and olive drab.

*sunset at Gardiner's Bay + Sparklers.
*Old Glory
*The Jitney
*Navy striped beach towel, O'Neill 2:1 Springsuit.
*Birdwell Beach Britches
*Vintage US Army Duffel
*Reading Material: Inventory Issue#2, "Catcher in the Rye" by J.D. Salinger.
*Granddad's Omega + black NATO band, Moscot Lemtosh in tortoise shell.
*Apolis Activism navy stripe pocket tee + J. Crew Indigo-dyed workshirt
*Maxx & Unicorn Co. Wallet
*Vintage single pleat army shorts + vintage USN web belt.
*Deep navy/angle stripe Vans + Kiwi boot laces
*Have a good holiday weekend.


JVK said...

I just made a pair of shorts out of my dads vietnam fatigue pats that i have had since high school. they were quite baggy from the knee down and figured they would make great shorts... i was right and the fabric is the best, it is so soft and worn in.
thanks for sharing!!


Butla said...

Great look. Are those birdwells the Olive color?

English said...

What color are those birds? Aqua? Khaki?

james said...

the light kind of washes the color out in the pic of the Birdies. They're a British Khaki w/ like a sea foam-ish lining.

Jonathan Katzenberg said...

where can i find one of the vintage usn web belts?

james said...

Try your local army/navy surplus store. There was a box of these at the one I got mine at. Dozens. Might try to make them available online in the near future. In the meantime, happy hunting.

Unknown said...

I really like these shorts have been loking for some like it for a while could you give me a little more info about them ? many thanks James