Wednesday, July 7, 2010

Articles&Effects: Kerouac's Underwood.

With which he wrote "On the Road" on a 120' long scroll, single spaced with neither margins nor paragraph breaks. In three weeks.


Anonymous said...

The Scroll has been making the rounds at libraries and museums and if you have any interest in Kerouac at all, you should see it if it comes your way.

They also published an unedited version of On The Road, based on the scroll (using the real names: Neal, Allen, etc.,, not the character's names). It is enough different that it is worth reading. Check your library.



Anthony said...

The published version of the Original Scroll is so ill. Got it on ebay for maybe 6 dollars hardcover.

You would think the giant neverending paragraph would make it less pleasurable to read, but it actually flows better and makes it harder to figure out when to take a break so you don't.

AZ said...

I heard this is hitting the big screen fall 2010/2011 ....

should be interesting not sure what actors have been cast.