Wednesday, November 11, 2009

Typewriter meets Freeway: Ed Ruscha, Royal Road Test, 1967.

"Book made in collaboration between Ed Ruscha, Mason Williams & Patrick Blackwell. Royal Road Test is a picture-book story of a Royal manual typewriter that was thrown out of the window of a 1963 Buick traveling at ninety miles per hour. Ruscha is cast in the role of the driver, Blackwell the photographer, and Williams the "thrower". The core of the book is a photographic examination of the wreckage of the typewriter strewn over many square yards, spoofing the methods of an investigator analyzing the demise of an automobile prototype."


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Backyard Bill said...

amazing great find!

Anonymous said...

love the spiral binding. there's a good story of how spontaneously the project occurred in Ed Ruscha and Photography