Saturday, November 21, 2009

Man Up: The Pop Up Flea, NYC.

I spent a coupl'a hours over at the Pop Up Flea today. By now, if you're reading this and a number of other sites, you certainly know all about it. Well, tomorrow's your last chance to get it while the gettin's good.
Est. 2008 by Michael Williams and Randy Goldberg, for the second go around, there's some great stuff there offered up by some great vendors. As you can see in the photos, Michael's ACL&Co. line of well made, durable, US manufactured(of course) zip bags and collaborations with Mark McNairy are available(going on line Monday, I believe).
Hickoree's has some prime real estate, across from new comer this year J. Crew.
Had a nice time chatting with the Bray brothers, who you'll find up front with a great haul of Billykirk goods as well as taking orders on a few small custom leather goods.
Mister Mort's up in there as well as Jack Spade, Rogues Gallery and a bunch of others. Look, I could go on, but just man up, get over there and have a look for yourselves.
The Pop Up Flea ends tomorrow, 11am-6pm.

201 Mulberry st.
(b/w Spring and Kenmare)


peter robinson said...

wankers paradise

Junctioned said...

Great shots and great product. Looks like ACL & Co's goods are coming along nicely. I've got to get to one of these.

Anonymous said...

Again, those socks. Where can I get them?


Matt said...

What are those boots in the second to the last photo? DAMN!

Anonymous said...

who does that f you neck tie? too good.

james said...

F You club tie by Mister Mort
the boots are vintage that J.Crew had.

Anonymous said...

Who brought Ali robe?

Andy said...

Did J.Crew pay extra to bring their Made in China stuff?

Anonymous said...

you can get those socks at the folk art museum shop. next to MoMA.