Sunday, November 1, 2009

The Map: The Field House, Seattle, WA.

In the past year, Nicole and the Blackbird gang have opened a candy shop and now, add to the list, their pop-up, The Field House in the same Ballard section of Seattle.
Part General store, part
neighborhood meeting place, they plan to offer classes on subjects ranging from cooking to lawn mower repair.
If you're in the area, stop in and slow down a bit.

The Field House

5465 Leary Avenue NW

Seattle, WA 98107

open every day 10 to 7

Click HERE to read more about it.


Backyard Bill said...

love the blog! wanna go here too!

vanderleun said...

WELL, based on this post I actually did go The Field House this afternoon.

Interesting enough and I generally like the original clothing shop around the corner, but I have to say that the pricing concepts working at this shop seem destined to keep most of this gear in the owners' private collections.

Either there's some sort of trust fund or vintage Microsoft stock supporting this endeavor or they are counting on people with silly amounts of disposable cash.

Item: A line of scented candles provocatively displayed with the tag of $75 per candle. New frontiers here.

Item: Pendletons running generally 30 to 40% beyond standard retail markup (let's not even get started with online pricing).

And of course the Filson line which you expect to pay a premium on, but this shop pushes even that.

I could afford anything in this shop and then some, but the overall tone of the pricing makes me unlikely to buy. It just oozes "pay for our style."

I suppose some people will but I don't know if Seattle has enough post-yuppie hipsters to support it. Maybe it has other means of support. We'll see.

Meanwhile, you need to develop some sort of pricing icon so we don't all run out and get in our cars and drive Queen Anne to Ballard to discover the haunt of $75 scented candles.

chris said...

damn, lots of RRL in there!

Blackbird said...

Just to clear things up, I, Nicole Miller come from a family with a public school teacher as a father and a retail store manager as a mother; no money there. I started Blackbird with $30,000 I received from stock options at a dot com job, but was not Microsoft. I've built Blackbird with very little.

All items in The Field House came from our Blackbird, Birgitta and Blackbird Candy Shoppe stores. We bought nothing new for The Field House. Our rent is $3000/month and that is all I have paid besides employee wages to fund this venture.

We sell all Pendleton, Filson, Alden, Stanley, RRL and pretty much anything else items at the Manufacturers Suggested Retail Price.

The candles are Cire Trudon, the oldest candle company in the world and we sell them for less than Barney's.

I hope this helps.


R.A. said...

The $75 candles are from cire trudon, a very old French company and are probably the best on the market. I purchased one from the Field House on Saturday that smells like the holiday incense they burn in Germany at the christmas markets.

I thought the pricing on everything I saw was fair. Yes, you could find filson/pendleton stuff online for cheaper, but if were you're going to go that route then you were probably never going to buy from a brick and mortar store to begin with. And well, RRL has always been expensive.

Temporary or not, it's a very fun store and I hope it does well for them. I'll be buying a christmas tree there, if Blackbird goes through with their plans to sell them.

james said...

Nicole, thank for commenting.
The store looks great.
Hope all is well.

ps. Love Cire Trudon.

And thanks everyone for the comments.


Tammie Lavigne said...

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BUSTED said...

Hmmm, that's funny I don't quite remember a fridge being at any of the stores.... sounds pretty new to me!