Wednesday, August 12, 2009

"Pleasure for Every Man": Escapade Magazine.

"After the publication of On the Road thrust Kerouac in the spotlight, he became a heavily sought after and well-paid writer for hire.
Kerouac’s most sustained work in this area was with Escapade. Escapade was a high circulation competitor of Playboy that featured major authors like Nelson Algren and Ray Bradbury as well as articles on Hemingway and Salinger. From June 1959 to April 1960, Kerouac wrote a monthly column called “The Last Word” on a variety of topics like jazz, baseball, Zen, and the literary scene."

-Reality Studio


plaidout said...

What they fail to mention is that Hefner thought their girls were "cuter." I learned that a few summers ago (see: 1991) when a friend's father waxed poetic on his impressive collection of rare "bird magazines" as he called them. I just remember that word, "cuter."

Great find, sir.

Anonymous said...

women are objects. thanks for really hitting that message home.