Monday, August 10, 2009

Agenda: "Those About to Die Salute You", 8/13.

In times of economic difficulty, Roman emperors would host violent spectator sports to placate the masses. The bloodiest and most decadent of these was the NAUMACHIA; prisoners were forced to engage in full-on naval warfare within a flooded Roman amphitheater. Variations were re-popularized in empires throughout European history, always coinciding with instances of over-indulgence at the brink of financial and societal collapse.

On august 13th I will be flooding one of the remaining structures from the former World’s Fairgrounds in Flushing Meadows Corona Park and hosting a Naumachia.
Art dignitaries (and a bunch of other random degenerates) will be forced to battle from boats representing the five boroughs of New York City. All of the boats are made directly from materials recovered from the abandoned World’s Fair Ice Rink and trash from the park.

The Naumachia will include work by Jade Townsend and Kitty Joe Sainte-Marie and performances by Lara Allen and Rebecca Goyette. There will be a pre game show featuring HELL BENT HOOKER

When: 6 to 9:30 PM

Where: 7 train to Mets Stadium/Willets Point. Walk down the boardwalk into the park and follow signs to the Queens Museum of Art (behind the Unisphere).

The event and the booze is free but there is a mandatory toga dress code strictly enforced. It also never hurts to bring your own flask as free booze runs out fast.

click HERE for a recent WSJ profile of the upcoming event.

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Michael said...

was helping duke set up for this last week. this is going to be a gnarly experience for sure, and anyone that has the opportunity to go to this should take it and head over.