Tuesday, August 4, 2009

The Map: On the Subject of Nashville.

While talking with Matt at Imogene + Willie, and having spent a few hours trying to track down a Brooks B-17 Champion for one of the bikes I keep in Nashville, he excitedly pointed me in the direction of Halcyon, both the street (one block away from Imogene + Willie) and the bike shop of the same name. Unfortunately, they are closed on Mondays and I had a flight to catch later that day. But I did speak briefly to a girl there while stealing looks into the shop. Once I spotted the R.E.Load bags, I had a feeling that the place was legit.
If you grew up in Nashville in the 80's, there was Cumberland Transit, Bike Peddler and some few others. I still have the first bike I bought there, a Raleigh Tri-lite Technium. Somewhere.
It's a nice thing to see bikes getting second lives with the help of Halcyon. Their website says "
At the core of Halcyon Bike are recycled and restored custom used bikes. Every year, Americans throw away perfectly good bicycles and spend thousands of dollars on new bicycles. At Halcyon Bike, we find these thrown out bikes, restore and customize them, and sell them to you at a fraction of the price of most new bikes. Select used frames are also available at Halcyon Bike; we will help you build a frame into a beautiful custom bicycle. Halcyon Bike also has a full bike service and repair shop, committed to providing the best service and experience for both bicycle and customer."
They've also partnered with the Oasis Center for a workshop teaching youth bike repair, maintenance and safety.
If you're out and about, stop in and see them.

Halcyon Bike Shop
1118 Halcyon Ave
Nashville, TN 37204

Tuesday-Saturday 11-7
Sunday 12-5

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