Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Head to toe: Winter Look (actual)...

*FSC watchman's cap
*Tortoise Wayfarers
*J.Cerw+Timex watch
* Filson tote
*Barbour Bedale
*Engineered Garments chambray workshirt
*J.Crew tee
*Billykirk wallet
*Old army belt
*J.Crew slim garment dyed denim
*J.Crew socks
*White Vans authentics


thestyleadvisor said...

Like the look, everything except the shoes is great.

P.M said...

Crazy. I actually just bought those exact pants today from J Crew. Came home, pissing around online, and here I see them.

They're definitely a weird colour, but in a good as hell way.

Jennifer Fallingstar said...

you mean someone actually wore that in real life?

james said...

It is what I was wearing that particular day. And yes, wear the sidewinders.