Wednesday, February 11, 2009

Frame Work...

*M. Mastroianni
*R. Geller
*Ray Ban


JD said...

Is it all possible to get glasses like these without any do hickeys on the front or sides?
My Paul Smith ones have little bars on them but I want something like it CLEAN.

Anonymous said...

Try Fabulous Fannies. They make great repros... E. 9th St. NYC.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the "Fabulous Fannies" tip -- what an interesting selection of frames.

Redcrow said...

Thank you I am always on the hunt for a great pair of frames. Never can have enough.

JD said...

Thanks Glenn!

Jennifer Fallingstar said...

hi james i just got a pair of Shuron sidewinders from my bf for valentines day and i was wondering if it was okay for me to wear them even though i'm a girl and not a guy?