Friday, February 6, 2009

Head to toe: Winter Look (actual)...

*J.Crew knit watchman's cap
*Moscot Lemtosh frames
*J.crew+Timex watch
*Jack Spade Swiss brief
*Filson tin cloth Field Coat(washed, then re-waxed)
*J.Crew shawl neck cardigan
*FSC gauze-lined light flannel
*American Apparel track tee
*A.P.C. petite standard denim
*Patagonia capilene long johns
*Uniqlo socks
*LL Bean Maine Hunting boots


P.M said...

good looks

nakedundermyclothes said...

love your head to looks, keep it up.

p.s. i religiously check your blog

thestyleadvisor said...

Love the shawl cardigans this season

Anonymous said...

I check the rss feed religiously, as well. always great stuff, these head-to-toes are amazing. always on point. keep up the awesome work

Unknown said...

Are those FSC gauze-lined shirts still available online?