Tuesday, February 23, 2010

Moving Pictures: Rapha + Apolis Activism.

In late 2009, Shea Parton of Apolis Activism, Cole Maness of Rapha and videographer Dave Christenson took a trip to Kathmandu, Nepal to finalize the project that had brought them all together, the Transit Elite sweater. 70% merino wool, 30% cashmere, it is the marriage of the understated style of Rapha and Apolis Activism's continuously growing dedication to sustainable production methods on a global level. In their own words, "NEPAL BEING ONE OF THE WORLD’S CAPITALS FOR ADVENTURE CYCLING, THE STARS BEGAN TO ALIGN. LEADING US TO SEEK OUT RAPHA WITH OUR MERINO CASHMERE SOURCE, THE HAND KNIT STORY OF CITTA’S WOMEN CENTER AND THE CLASSIC HIMALAYAN TERRAIN. RAPHA WAS INTRIGUED WITH THE PROJECT AND AGREED TO HELP CURATE THE PERFECT REWARD AFTER A LONG RIDE – THE TRANSIT ELITE SWEATER."
This video gives a glimpse into what was surely a once in a lifetime experience. Well done fellas.

TRANSIT ELITE from Dave Christenson on Vimeo.


sam said...

beautiful little clip. im such a sucker for rapha gear. its the only clothing i ride with these days.

Anonymous said...

sometimes when i ride in nepal i bring my camera crew to hold my water.

Nic Surface to Air said...

So much time for Apolis Activism.

best wishes

Nic @ Surface to Air