Monday, February 1, 2010

The Aesthete: The Pursuit Aesthetic + Secret Forts.

It was a pleasure to be asked by Brennan over at The Pursuit Aesthetic to be apart of an ongoing project of his, aptly named, The Aesthete.
A while back, I had asked, in a similar fashion(no pun intended) a number of people to do something similar and in this way, it's always rad to see this type of thing continue, especially in such a fresh way. It's a great line-up of folks on Brennan's roster and provides something seemingly more representative of where things are now. What people, who have come to be regarded as knowing a little something,
are thinking and how much more now it feels, as opposed to, say, a certain current article in a certain magazine.
Really, we're all just trying to do something that feels authentic to ourselves, not necessarily chase this look of authenticity. Glancing around, at those I consider peers in some way and that I have tons of respect for, there are so many different voices and personalities, so many various angles and everything is always in flux and to me, that's what keep any of this interesting.
Click over to Pursuit Aesthetic and have a look at the rest of the series.

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