Tuesday, May 25, 2010

Debatable: 3Sixteens, Six Months in.

Up over at Denim Debate now is the most recent installment of this year-long saga of a man and his jeans. Or is it a chapter in the epic tale of men and their jeans? Either way, get over THERE and check it out how my 3Sixteen's hold up during my very specifically calibrated 24 oz. Banquet challenge.


Thomas said...

I've been following the blog for some time now and this is my first comment.

I can honestly feel the authenticity and genuine nature in the look, style and feel in what you do and what you post, it's very refreshing and a great read.

Just wanted to drop you a line, say thanks and show some support.

Keep doing what you're doing.

Cheers from Sydney, Australia.

Anonymous said...

Hey stranger,

I have been admiring your blog now for some time, since being introduced through acontinouslean. The coloring of these denims and the subtle, but definate wear, reminds me of a recent experiment that I also conducted with my APC new standard denims. I cant help but visualise Jack Kerouac in these true blue beautys. Is the chambray shirt made by sugar cane or buzz rickson? Loving the working man beard, by the way.

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aTreasuryOf.com said...

Are you sure only one can of Coors was used during that shoot? Looking at all the little thumbnails, it almost suggests otherwise!

John Taylor said...

Cool shirt, info?

greybreaks said...

nice jeans. where's the shirt from?

james said...

Thomas, thanks so much. Too kind.
Always nice to hear. Especially from way down under.


james said...

one can of Coors.
Shirt is J Crew from last Fall. double faced utility shirt.

Neil said...

Perhaps a longshoreman or carpenter should take the challenge.

Anonymous said...

do the 3sixteens stretch? I bought a pair size 33 and they fit looser than new standards did which I bought a size 32 in. What is your normal waist size?

james said...

Andrew suggested I size down. I'm in a 29. I am generally a 30 or 31. And yes, they do stretch.