Friday, November 20, 2009

Head to Toe: Home for the Holiday.

*Stormy Kromer waxed canvas cap
*Vintage Rolex Submariner w/ Nato band
*Billykirk waxed canvas tote
*vintage tortois Lissac frames
*The Hill-side selvedge chambray scarf
*Oliver Spencer Malin Jacket
*Engineered Garments shawl collar rip stop vest
*Sunny Sports chambray work shirt
*il Bisonte c30 key chain
*Leather Man Ltd. Trace Carrier belt
*Levis 1967 505's
*Fox River Red Heel socks
*Quoddy deck chukka


Anonymous said...

It wasn't that long ago, thirty years maybe, an american made chambray work shirt was the absolute rock bottom when it came to men's clothing. Prisoners, sailors, manual laborers wore them because they were cheap, sturdy and comfortable. And now, well, times have changed, ain't they?

Anonymous said...

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LPC said...

Well. Moving on. I've done this trip, to Buffalo New York. You're just going to need some gloves. Someone will have laid in a good stock of clay pigeons. All the guns are in the shed.

Look of Lemon said...

....still enjoy the head to toe's man. just did my 1st one in awhile also over at:

....its turn of the century sherlock holmes inspired.