Saturday, November 21, 2009

Handcrafted Simplicity: Beloved Bicycles, Portland, OR.

Beloved Cycles makes some nice looking bikes.
There must be something in the water out west, but some seriously great bicycle makers out there...
As described on their site,
Every lifetime deserves at least one.Beloved framesets are the physical manifestation of the Cycle Works Oregon mission. Handcrafted for each individual, they are balanced, purposeful, elegant, confident and capable. We use steel because it has all the mechanical and ride qualities we wish to evoke – French Constructeur inspired simplicity at its very best."



JustinJarboe said...

better yet, can i have this girl's number?

Nick said...

Found Your web-log via Beloved. Everybody knows somebody for whom two wheelers are a way of life. It's not the water because that can be bottled.